About Us

OSERD, an acronym for ‘Organization for Socio-Economic and Rural Development’ was founded in the beginning of 1993 by a team of energetic and dedicated youth, having high ideals and a deep-rooted will to tackle critical social & development issues by extending service & knowledge support.

The thoughts behind OSERD was to contribute towards the strengthening of socially and economically disadvantaged so as to help them gain control over their own lives, critical issues affecting their families and communities and help them to grow in a socio-economic milieu favourable towards them.

Over the past two decade and more, there has been a paradigm shift in our activities. OSERD has entered into varied fields of women’s empowerment, Reproductive & Sexual Health, Eye Care, Livelihood, Advocacy, Community Leadership Development, Social Research, Communications and endeavouring towards a better society for all.

OSERD is registered under the Societies’ Registration Act 21, 1860 and 12-A & 80-G of Income Tax too. Presently, we are working in Bihar and in unauthorized colonies of Outer Delhi.

The Vision

OSERD’s journey is institutionalisation that seeks to develop innovative approaches to implement programmes, with focus on health integrated with socio-economic development.

The Mission

To provide equal opportunity to women and men for their holistic development.

A secondary mission is to support initiatives, especially those by women and adolescent girls, to enable them become capable of determining their destiny and those of their families’.

The Prospective & Ethos

We cannot just stand by as mute spectators and turn a blind eye to what is happening around us. We firmly believe that healthy & economically empowered citizens are key to a healthy and prosperous nation. Therefore we like to contribute to the fullest so that a pleasant and happy life can be ensured for all.

The Strategies

OSERD’s Strategy is to propagate and disseminate scientific and noble ideas having deep regard for ethical and cultural values. The organisation tries to cultivate healthy practice by proper education and behavioural change initiatives. We are guided by a spirit of respect for all and of service and help to the disadvantaged.

Who Believes in Us

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