HIV/AIDS has always been the main focus of the organisation since its inception. The problem is deeply related to human life and the society.

We are among few organization in India, functioning since the inception of the National AIDS Control Programme. We have given a lot of importance towards combating this disease with close association with NACO (National AIDS Control Organisation).

With the purpose to create awareness about behavioural change in targeted population as well as in general masses and to assist people in distress suffering from this pandemic, implemented prevention programme by running Toll free Help Line, Training of workforces, Training of Corporate Personnel, Targeted Intervention, Highway community, Public Hearing, Awareness Campaign, Behavioural Change campaign, Clinical support, Counselling, Media Advocacy, Corner Play campaign, Poster Exhibition Campaign, Condom Promotion, with close association with NACO, UNAIDS/APICT, Office of American Consulate General, Hindustan Petroleum, Action-Aid, INP+, State AIDS Control Societies, and with many more groups, associations & individuals.

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