Women Empowerment

Gender has a different meanings from what is commonly understood; it refers to the roles that societies and culture assign to persons, based on sex. It is strong, but often unacknowledged part of what we learn as we grow up.

For example, it is reflected in how we treat each other and ourselves. These divisions of roles and responsibilities are not equal between men and women, and women are usually less powerful and there have restricted roles to perform.

This situation affects individuals, families and communities significantly and profoundly impacts sexuality, reproductive health and development.

OSERD believe that men and women are the two wheels of the same cart and both should be given equal opportunity for socio-economic development. There is a strong need for the women emancipation and development. Unfortunately gender discrimination is a curse in our society, which exists widely.

OSERD has been initiated from its very beginning several steps to create a more conducive environment for gender equity through community development programmes, SHGs and income-generating opportunities. The endeavour is to empower women thereby ensuring socio-economic decision-making power to them.

Success of any movement depends on efficiency of the agent of change. We take efforts to make them technically sound and psychologically fit for carrying on the responsibilities. Particularly women remain quite unaware of their rights, their strengths, their weaknesses, their skills in her areas of concern.

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