Female Preventive Health Programme

In all societies and cultures, sexuality and sexual behaviour have profound consequences on individual families and communities. Estimates of reproductive ill health worldwide indicate a high prevalence of conditions that are preventable, causing unnecessary suffering.

In India adolescents have remained largely invisible at the policy level. The private nature of sexual and reproductive health unfortunately has meant that its significance has not been recognised. This needs to change.

We firmly believe like all others that healthy citizens are key to healthy and prosperous nation. From very beginning, we realized that women and adolescent girls of urban slums and rural areas suffer the most in terms of reproductive health. Their reproductive health problem can be attributed to a large extent to the unhygienic and unsanitary conditions that they live in.

During the menstrual periods, women are introduced to various reproductive tract infections. Its high incidence can be further attributed to lack of privacy, lack of access to clean water or toilets or bathrooms, non-availability of low cost options such as sanitary napkins and myths and misconceptions regarding menstruation.

Considering the above facts, OSERD has been taking a number of initiatives for ensuring good health conditions for women, men and adolescent catering to reproductive health needs by developing appropriate behavioural change communication & education system for responsible & healthy behaviour.

OSERD has sought to address this problem by ensuring availability of some options, meaning sanitary napkins through the innovative medium. Distribution of samples for a limited period to enable movement away from unhygienic to hygienic living through individual experience. This coupled with adequate orientation programmes is aimed to generate healthy and hygienic menstrual behaviour thereby leading to reduced incidence of RTIs/STIs.

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